Seaview Recycle and Transfer Station is a purpose built facility for the recycling of general solid waste and green garden waste. Hazardous,chemical and liquidwastes are not accepted.

The front pit area is for unloading general domestic and commercial solid waste. This area is under cover and can be fully utilised in all weathers.

Staff are available on requesttoassist clients to unload vehicles and trailers. Recyclables such as paper, newsprint, cardboard, plastics and metals are all removed from the waste stream.

Customers with green waste are directed to the green waste stockpile towards at therear of the premises.

All traffic surfaces at Seaview Recycle and Transfer Station are asphalted or concreted which makes the facility clean and convenient to use in all weather conditions. Staff assist to offload where possiblewhichresults in a quick turn around time for customers.


(E.g. Asbestos, contaminated soil, animal carcases, hazardous chemicals, liquid wastes)

Right of admission reserved.

The facility is conveniently situated on the main road in Seaview, Lower Hutt and saves travelling time to landfills in more remote locations of the Hutt Valley. Customers using SRTS not only experience great service but also save time and fuel, and know that every effort is made to recycle or reuse as much as possible of their unwanted waste.

Visiting Seaview Recycle and Transfer Station is the environmentally friendly way to dispose of waste and reduce the amount going to landfills.


Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday
7.30am - 5.00pm

Sunday and Public Holidays
8.30am - 4.30pm

Closed on the 25th- 26th December and 1st - 2nd January

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